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The Full Story

About the Artist

Hello and thank you for checking out my art! I love to create bright and bold paintings that were born to stand out and be experienced. Much emotion and personal experience are poured into each canvas I create. Some are as personal to me as journal entries. I hope you find something that speaks to you on any level. If it catches your eye, it's meant for you to see it.


My Background

 I've been interested in art, design, and dance for as long
as I can remember. 
I began my career as a Graphic Designer with a love for typography and branding. Worked with some big brands and learned a lot along the way. 
In 2016 I pursued a 200 hour yoga teacher training, followed by stand up paddle board yoga, meditation and an additional 300 hour YTT soon after. Bringing yoga into my life has changed everything for the better.


And now, 2 kids and a pandemic later,  I've been able to begin creating a new chapter for me and my family as a work from home mama and artist!

My Mantra

I find beauty everywhere!

My style is vibrant, bold, and expressive. Some inspiration
for art comes from life experiences, yoga sessions

and the music I'm currently listening to. They all play an important role of the energy

and good vibes that surround each piece, and are sealed

with intention before they

are sent home.

I hope you feel the love and care that goes into each piece.

"I am going to make everything around me beautiful-that will be my life." - Elsie De Wolfe

My process

Most days you'll find me (and my kids and dogs) in my studio space, moving from computer to yoga mat to easel in no particular order.

I find painting can be sort of a meditation for my busy brain.

It's a great way to process emotions, problem solve, and just allow myself to stop thinking, and move from an intuitively creative space. 

#yinning__Join me for a peaceful restorative practice at 11_30 every Sunday _yogalofttampa
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